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From Theory to Practice: Implementing Best Practices for Patient Positioning Products Usage in Healthcare Facilities

Patient positioning

Proper treatment of patients doesn’t start when doctors check them and detect their health problems. It actually starts right after the patient enters the hospital and is admitted to the hospital bed. Positioning of a patient is very crucial for proper assessment by doctors. This is the first rule of examining any patient and the beds on which patients are positioned are called gel pads.

Gel pads may seem to be a very simple and small term but the benefits that they provide are immense. They work as important agents of body positioning, right from when the patient is lying down on the bed till, they are discharged. These pads provide proper body adjustment and comfort to the patients so that their bodies can relax and proper diagnosis can be facilitated. Also, these pads play an irreplaceable role in keeping patients positioned during their surgeries.

Understanding Silicone Gel Pads and OT Table Positioning Gel Pads:

The gel pads used in healthcare facilities are typically of 2 types. One of them is the silicone gel pad while the other is the OT gel pad. As we all know, silicone material is known for its softness and comfort. So, silicon gel pads are made to cover, clean, and repair wounds or scars softly.

On the other hand, OT table positioning gel pads help improve the sensory movements of the body. enhancing motor skills, protection of joints, and so on. These pads are used in the OTs so that doctors can comfortably treat patients without losing their positions.

Principles Guiding Effective Implementation of Practices for Optimal Outcome:

Treating patients is definitely not a joke and takes a lot of workforces, equipment, tools, and so on to be handled properly. If anything goes wrong during the treatment of the patient due to the shortage of equipment, then that means a life is lost which is surely not worth it. That is why it is important to follow a proper guide to treat patients rightly from the beginning and give 100% effort to save their lives.

Patient positioning is one of the key aspects of every treatment that takes place on the patient during their hospital stay. That is why the use of patient positioning gel pads is avoidable and no lethargy in that context can be tolerated. However, apart from this, there exist the following guidelines that should be followed during patient positioning and treatment –

Clarity of Goals is very Crucial:

It is quite clear that using silicon gel pads can provide softness and comfort to patients. In the same way, the clarity of goals of the actual treatment given to the patient should be clear. Going vague and treating patients is not acceptable as it may have more cons than pros, ultimately risking the patient’s life.

Collection of Necessary Resources Beforehand:

Necessary resources for treatments (including basic resources like OT tools, OT table positioning gel pads, and so on) should be arranged beforehand to avoid confusion later. In the case of a shortage of resources during surgeries, a patient’s health can be risked, and this is not at all acceptable in the medical profession. That is why this should be taken into proper notice.

Complete Evaluation and Patient Monitoring is Necessary:

Just like patient positioning gel pads, there exist other tools that can facilitate comfort to the patients before, during, and after the surgery or treatment. These tools should be used and proper evaluation and patient monitoring should be done. Once the treatment is completed, it may show some side effects that need to be properly analysed to decide further action.

Communication Between the Concerned Individuals should be Clear:

Communication is the key that will ensure that all the work done during the treatment is up to the mark. If staff members and all concerned individuals don’t have proper communication about the treatment. Its positives and negatives, and its further follow-up, then there exist chances for all the efforts to go in vain. So, communication between concerned individuals is very crucial and should be clear.

While performing treatments and surgeries, one of the most important aspects is the sustainability of the treatment. Patients should be able to enjoy a long-lasting healthy life after going through the treatment and that is also the ultimate purpose of using gel pads and other resources. So, this should not be forgotten by the concerned authorities and actions should be taken accordingly for effective results.


Both silicone and OT table positioning gel pads are very helpful in treating patients rightly and providing comfortable positioning to them. That is why including these pads in patient positioning can undoubtedly bring better and more satisfactory results for the patients.

Also, implementing the right patient positioning practices can leave a long-lasting and comfortable impact on the patients. This will provide them relaxation throughout their hospital time and will help in their rapid recoveries. So, using as many effective hospital resources as possible will be very satisfactory and health-enhancing for the patients.


1.      What are the benefits of gel pads?

The benefits of gel pads are numerous and most of them are very crucial for quick and proper recovery of the patients. Some of these important benefits are –

  • Regulating the temperature of the gel pads according to patient requirements is much easier. This way, patients can remain comfortable in both extremely hot and cold temperatures.
  • Gel pads are extremely therapeutic and that is why they can cure a lot of injuries in patients. They can alleviate pain in muscles, wrists, knees, etc., and provide long-lasting relief.
  • Just like helmets, gloves, and vehicle seats, even gel pads have a shock-absorbing nature. That is why they will not let the body of the patients face any extreme shock in emergencies.

2.      What is silicone gel made of?

Silicone gel pads are made of a combination of silicon, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen atoms. This combination creates a lot of beneficial aspects in these pads. This way, these pads become flexible, durable, biocompatible, and heat resistant very comfortably.

3.      Why are gel pads used in surgery?

There exist a lot of reasons why patient positioning gel pads are used in surgeries. Some of those prominent ones are –

  • To keep hygiene and control the spread of minor or major infections.
  • To maintain the position of the patient throughout the surgery.
  • To absorb any kind of sudden shock received by the patient’s body during the surgery.
  • To work against the body heat and the heat-induced due to anaesthesia and keep the patient’s body as cool as possible.

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