About Us

Lenvitz Medical Solutions was founded to improve patient care during and after surgery. Lenvitz Medical Solutions is a leading manufacturer of Silicon Gel based products used for positioning the patients during a surgical procedure.


To be recognized internationally as a key player in providing advanced healthcare.


Innovate to assist surgeons and advance patient comfort by developing and utilizing existing technologies.


Strive for excellence through teamwork, trust, integrity and respect.

The company manufactures 100% silicon gel based positioning products for all major surgical positions.

The Gel products are manufactured with 100% Silicone Gel. Silicone Gel used in the manufacture of our products is a propriety formulation of Lenvitz Medical Solutions.

All Gel products are available in adult, pediatric and neonatal range. All Gel products are biocompatible and can safely be used for all patients.

Lenvitz Medical Solutions also provides products for use in Orthotics and Physiotherapy.