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We have a solution of  Pressure care for the Supine, Lateral and Prone Positions.

O.T. Table Gel Mat

Solution for better protection & helps to prevent nerve damage. Available in different variants.


We have a solution of  Pressure care for Neonatal Head Cradle, Pediatric Roll, Neonatal Rolls.

Comman Gel Pads

We have a solution of  Pressure care for Silicone Flat Gel pads, Universal Gel Pillows, and Coccydynia Cushion. 

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Why Choose Us

Lenvitz manufactures 100% silicon gel based positioning products for all major surgical positions including but not limited to supine, prone and lithotomy.

We offer comprehensive and high qualtiy selection of gel based products, that truly fit the need of the patient. Lenvitz Medical Solutions was founded to improve patient care during and after surgery.

Our Speciality

General surgery Speciality

Gynae Speciality

Neonatal & Pediatric Speciality

CTVS Speciality

Neuro Speciality

Ortho Speciality

Product Advantages

  • 100% Silicon gel-based patient positioning/anti-decubitus products.
  • Allows low intercapillary pressure at bony prominences
  • All products are biocompatible with human skin and hair
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes

Why Choose Us

This section is a compilation of general queries that we receive everyday.
We have a team of senior most and highly experienced doctors who provide advanced medicine, trusted care. Trust us, we care for your life and well being. ​
Our experts will take responsibility of providing professional health care services​ who have extensive experience of over 30+ years.
With us, you get personalized treatment, highly skilled team, emergency care unit, world class facilities. We have a team which is there to serve you 24/7.
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