Lenvitz Medical Solutions

OT Table Gel Pad 25 Mm Thick

Size1750 X 510 X 10 MM
UsageClinic, Hospital
Model Name/Number057A001
Dimension1750 X 510 X 10 MM
Shape1750 X 510 X 10 MM
Country of OriginMade in India


  • The OT Table Gel Pads (25 mm thick) are available in three separate sections , Head , Torso and Leg. Each Section is sold separately and have individual product codes.
  • The OT Table Gel Pads can be used on the OT table for all surgeries. It is recommended to use
  • the OT Table Gel Pads along with other suitable Gel positioners as required. The OT Table Gel Pads provide overall support to the patient by evenly distributing pressure and eliminates the occurence of pressure sores. 
  • Prevent nerve damage and better protection than regular foam mattress Are available in two standard sizes, full length and pediatric
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